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Terms of sale and delivery - online catalog

Terms of sale and delivery - online catalog


1. Foreword

The trade relations between TECNOSERVICE'21 Srl and customers are governed exclusively by the following terms of sale,
which exceed and exclude any other stipulation agreed previously or verbally.

2. Liability

The TECNOSERVICE'21 srl, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, shall not be liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect,
arising from delayed or non-delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods not published specifications in the catalog,
or for any other event not attributable to Tecnoservice sas itself.

3. Technical information
Technical information printed on the catalog are based solely on official data published by manufacturers.
We reserve the right to modify technical parameters and dimensional as there will be communicated to them by producers.

4. Orders
Orders are subject to acceptance of TECNOSERVICE'21 Srl. The orders will be processed according to customer demands.
Possible alternatives to the requested product will be provided only after giving notice to the customer and having received its approval.

5. Prices
All printed on catalogue prices are deemed "list prices", VAT excluded. The prices are those in force at the time of printing the catalogue.
We reserve the right to change, without notice, in the light of market prices and exchange rate relations between the euro and other currencies.


6. Shipments and deliveries
Ordered goods will be shipped with the modalities, the means and timeframe agreed with the buyer, the costs of transport will be charged on the invoice.
The shipment of the order will occur immediately after receipt of confirmation of wire transfer or transaction by the credit card company.
Where is indicated a delivery date, this has value simply informative and not binding being subordinated to the unexpected.
Breaks from work resulting from force majeure exempt TECNOSERVICE'21 srl from the delivery date indicated, without right to the customer to require claims
due to damages of any nature. The goods must be withdrawn by the buyer and must not be left lying under any circumstances.
Any spent stock, warehousing, etc …. will still apply.

7. Risk and property

The goods travel at the risk of the purchaser, even in cases where, for different agreements, is made free buyer.
Always test, on receipt of the goods, the integrity of the box and immediately report any damage (the packaging and the goods)
to the courier, by affixing a: "withdrawal subject" in ddt.

8. Packaging

Free Standard. On request: special packaging, wooden crates or cages, which will be charged at cost.

9. Complaints
Any complaints, to be taken into account, should be made by registered letter within 8 days. receipt of the goods, citing the number of the packing slip or invoice.

10. Returns

Any requests for return of the goods are to be sent to TECNOSERVICE'21 Srl within 8 days. After its receipt, by registered letter,
specifying the grounds and citing references of the purchase invoice. In case of error in the order by the customer may be, at the made,
will be at the sole discretion of TECNOSERVICE'21 srl. In all cases you must wait for the authorization to made which must be specified on the
document of transportation and on external packaging. The goods must be sent within 1 week after authorization made prepaid in the original packaging,
complete with accessories and complements.


The payment can be made in the following ways: § § Credit card by Bank c/o: Unicredit Banca – Ag. Marotta (PU) § Cash on delivery §
Rateizzati with specific financing or Leasing § With titles or other form to be agreed

12. Retention of title

The equipment within the scope of the transaction does not become the property of the customer before full payment of the price,
as provided for by art. 1523 et seq. of the civil code. Payment with promissory notes or drawn does not alter the conditions of the reservation of ownership,
meaning the data and bills received "pro solvendo" and not "pro solute". In the event of seizure or distraint of all or part of the equipment
the contractor shall immediately inform the "TECNOSERVICE'21 srl" in order that the latter may rely against the third party the right to private property,
the costs will be incurred by the customer. The contractor, if requested, undertakes to keep the equipment until all reason prove unavoidable,
a tag stating inter alia the reserved right of ownership on our behalf.

13. Warranty

The warranty is 12 months from date of shipment. The seller is not liable for any direct and/or indirect caused by and/or equipment, systems,
people to misuse or negligence of the requests, to shocks, incorrect installation, to use out of tolerance. Defective prices should be made Franco ns.
headquarters of Fano (PU)-ITALY, and will be replaced under warranty only after verification.
Prices recognized defective will be replaced and shipped free buyer's address by courier or mail. The warranty does not cover the costs of replacing the price,
shall be valid only to the original buyer and may not cover the replacement of the entire mobile.

14. Disputes
Any dispute arising between the parties arising from the interpretation or execution of the contract of sale, will be the Court of Pesaro,
subject faculty for the seller to bring an action before the Court of residence of the buyer; the parties may however
decide by mutual agreement to submit the dispute to arbitration.

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