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Who we are

TECHNOCHEF is an emanation of TECNOSERVICE sAS, comes with the dual objective of realizing a large on-line showcase and make available to users our experience.

The deep market knowledge and membership in the 1° Italian Purchasing Group in the field, has allowed us to create an on-line catalog with over 20,000 articles of more signatures of Made in Italy brand, with a complete proposal:

pizza equipment,

pastry equipment,

equipment for cooking,

- fridge and refrigeration in general,

- complete package with kitchen utensils, Hotel, dishes, glasses, trays, basins, etc.

service carts,

hygiene and cleanliness products,

- ... ect.

TECHNOCHEF provides free user his staff to:

consulting services, or to guide and advise you in choosing the right product and it   orientation in the jungle-technical legislation;

CAD design service, to achieve the best Lay-out for large kitchens, laboratories: pizzeria, pastry-making workshops, providing all the experience of ns. designers.

service of offers for more complex situations, (laboratories pizzeria, pastry, kitchens), also with reasoned alternatives proposals, ect.

All with a great attention to quality-price ratio to provide a high competitiveness to the user.

393.357.916.072 WhatsApp number, also for information on orders and estimates 393.357.916.072 WhatsApp number, also for information on orders and estimates